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  • Private Basic Handgun Class

Private Basic Handgun Class

The Private Basic handgun class is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to handgun safety, shooting fundamentals, and familiarization with your specific firearm.  This class is intended for beginners who would like to learn on their own firearm.  The class is a one-on-one setting, lasting two hours, and includes onsite classroom and onsite range time. Students will learn safe gun handling; the student’s particular pistol model parts and operation; and shooting fundamentals.  The student will also have the opportunity to have range time with an instructor to get accustomed to their own firearm.  Class structure consists of 1 ½ hr classroom training and ½ hr range time.  Please bring your firearm in a case. You will need 50-100 rounds of ammunition for the class, this can be purchased at our shop the day of the class if needed.  Eye and ear protection are provided if needed.  Targets will also be provided.

One Student: $150 - 120 Minutes

Two Students: $275 - 135 Minutes

Three Students: $350 - 150 Minutes

Four Students: $399 - 180 Minutes

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Interested in our indoor shooting range?

15$ for the first shooter, 10 for the second.