Sensibly Armed

Training Classes

Basic Handgun Class (On-Site Indoor Range)

The Basic handgun class is (a prerequisite to all other classes). It's designed to provide a hands-on introduction to handgun safety, shooting fundamentals, and familiarization with your specific firearm.  This class is intended for beginners who would like to learn on their own firearm.  The class is a one-on-one setting (this can be up to 4 people in your class) and includes onsite classroom and onsite range time. Students will learn safe gun handling; the student’s particular pistol model parts and operation and shooting fundamentals.  The student will also have the opportunity to have range time with an instructor to get accustomed to their own firearm.  Class structure consists of 1 ½ hr classroom training and ½ hr range time.  It is suggested that if you own a firearm to bring it with you in a case for the class. However, if you do not own a firearm, that is okay also as we have a wide variety of firearms available for rent (See: Firearm Rentals under the Range tab on our homepage). You will need 50 rounds of ammunition for the class, (this can be purchased at our shop before the day of the class).

Targets and Eye and ear protection are provided free of charge if needed.

One Student: $150 - 120 Minutes

Two Students: $275 - 135 Minutes

Three Students: $350 - 150 Minutes

Four Students: $399 - 180 Minutes


Handgun Skills Builder (On-Site Indoor Range)

Pistol Shooting Skills Building Class is a private one-on-one class designed to provide hands-on demonstration of the basic/intermediate shooting concepts. These include but are not limited to; Stance, Grip, Trigger Control, Target acquisition, and more...This class is a range based class and shooters can expect to shoot 50+ rounds of ammo. If you have the mastered the basic safety skills, and would like to start building your skill level to become a more accurate and efficient shooter, this class is for you. Student must provide their own firearm and ammunition.   If you do not have your own firearm, rentals are available and ammo can be purchased at our shop before the day of the class.

Targets and Eye and ear protection are provided free of charge if needed.

One Student: $95 - 60 Minutes


Defensive Handgun From Holster (Outdoor Range)

The Defensive Handgun class gives students the information, skills, and mindset to carry and use a handgun for self defense. In this class, students learn to use their handgun safely & quickly from a holster as is required in close-range high-speed defensive situations. This course should be considered a minimum for anyone who owns or is considering carrying a handgun for self defense. You must be totally familiar and comfortable with your handgun. If you have never shot before or wonder how your gun works this class is not for you. Defensive Handgun is also a prerequisite for all higher-level handgun training courses taught by Sensibly Armed.

 Topics Covered:
  • Firearms safety as it pertains to self-defense
  • The integrated act of firing from a holster: stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger press, follow through
  • Speed reloading, tactical reloading, clearing malfunctions
  • Rapid multiple shots on single targets, rapid engagement of multiple targets
  • Engagement of targets from the ready position, the draw, and the concealed draw 
  • The proper tactical response to single or multiple opponent situations

    Level 1 - Tactical Self-Defense

    The Tactical Self-Defense seminar is an entry level program designed to provide participants with a physiologic, realistic, instinct-based approach to personal defense and safety. The course adopts both a systematic and academic approach to learning a skill set that integrates the body's instinctive response to survival. Participants are exposed to practical, defensive role playing situations in an effort to prepare them to react decisively to real-life aggressive encounters.

    This program is open to both men and women 18 and over.

     Program topics include:

    • The psychology and anatomy of the fight v. the assault.
    • Situational Awareness.
    • Primal Reaction & Fear Management.
    • Verbal Defusing Tactics.
    • Instinct & Physiologic based drills and tactics.
    • Practical (Non-Lethal & Impromptu) Weapons Use.
    • Weapon Defense and Disarmament.

     ***Must be 18+ and have photo ID. 


    Fundamentals of Reloading

    Let's face it, for most people with no prior reloading knowledge, entering into the world of reloading is quite intimidating! In fundamentals of reloading, students can expect to learn the basic aspects needed to safely reload metallic firearm cartridges.
     Experienced instructors will be available to answer all of your reloading questions and to discuss topics like:
    • Case preparation
    • Various types of presses and reloading equipment on the market today
    • The setup of each individual reloading stage 
    • Reloading components (powders, primers, bullet tips, etc.)
    • The multiple accessories available for making your time spent reloading efficient and successful.
    Following this class students, will have the knowledge and understanding of what is needed to reload casings and how to conduct basic reloading operations. The majority of the training will focus on a single stage press so the student understands the basic fundamentals of each stage involved. However, within the context of the training, progressive reloading presses will also be demonstrated and discussed.
    This course includes a mix of classroom presentation, demonstrations and hands-on learning. Following the classroom context, students will incorporate all aspects from the course together by having the opportunity to fire their newly remanufactured product!

    Basic AR 15 Platform Intro (On-Site Classroom)

    This 2 hours class will help you better understand how the AR15 platform of firearms work and how to maintain them properly. This class is designed for the new AR15 owner as well as experienced owners.
    Topics covered include:            

    • Understanding how the AR15 works
    • Maintaining the AR15
    • AR15 Tools
    • Recommended Spare Parts
    • Worthwhile Accessories/Upgrades
    • Understanding the gas impingement workings

     The purpose of this class is to provide information needed to take down, inspect, and reassemble the firearm.  During the class, students will learn the nomenclature of the firearm, it's characteristics, how it functions and how to perform a proper function check on the firearm after reassembly to ensure reliable service characteristics of the firearm. Fundamentals of AR Platform shooting will also be discussed.

    Requirement: Bring your own AR rifle. 


    AR-15 Basic Operators Course (Outdoor Range)

    The curriculum of this course is going to provide the students with the knowledge, techniques and experience to efficiently operate their AR-15 platforms.  First, a briefing of general firearm safety will be addressed at the beginning of the course to make sure that throughout the entire course the range and all students will remain as safe as possible.  Safety is our number one concern, any unsafe firearms handling will not be tolerated.

     The first topic covered by the instructor will be the basic characteristics and functionality of the AR-15 platform.  All actions and functions of the AR-15 that will be needed throughout the class will be discussed in this section of the course.  Marksmanship fundamentals which includes stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control will be the next focus of instruction to get the student proper form and ability to get on target.  The fundamentals will then carry over into learning to acquire the target and shooting from the standing, kneeling and other special firing positions. For shooters, not using iron sights, a variety of optics and sight-in procedures will be discussed and addressed accordingly. A number of different reloading operations will be overviewed including speed/emergency and tactical magazine changes. The last section of instruction will be going over maneuvering with the AR-15. Different carry techniques, movement with the firearm, immediate and remedial actions as well as shooting from cover will be discussed in this section of the course.

     ** Required Equipment **

    • Rifle
    • Minimum 300 rounds (no reloads)
    • Cleaning Gear
    • Minimum 3 Magazines
    • System of Magazine Pouches
    • Sling
    • Hearing & Eye Protection
    • Extra Batteries (if optics require)
    • Water Source
    • Lunch


      Interested in our indoor shooting range?

      20$ for the first shooter, 10$ for the 2nd and 3rd shooter.