Sensibly Armed

Firearm Transfers

Gun Transfer Fees

$20 in store purchase of a firearm

$40 person to person

$50 guns purchased on the internet and shipped to SA

We ship and receive firearms bought and sold on the Internet that comply with all State and Federal Laws. We reserve the right to say “no” to any transaction that we do not feel comfortable with. All shipments of Firearms must be made to an FFL licensed dealer and guns received MUST include a copy of sending gun shop's FFL.

If you have ordered a gun online and had it sent to us for pickup, we will call you when it is ready to be picked up. If you show up and have not been called,  you will NOT be able to pickup your gun. We have guidelines from the ATF to meet, and they have to be completed before we can transfer the gun into your name! No Exceptions!

When purchasing at our shop you are required to have a Pennsylvania Drivers License or Penn Dot ID for all handguns and long guns for Pa. Residents. Out of state long gun sales at the shop require a Drivers License and state firearms ID if issued by your state.

Interested in our indoor shooting range?

20$ for the first shooter, 10$ for the 2nd and 3rd shooter.