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What is the "correct" pistol grip?

In an industry filled with opinions, it is up to you, the shooter, to decide what works best for you. Almost every handgun sale that I have conducted has begun with the buyer asking me, "What is the best gun for me?" And that is truly a tough question to answer. I can feed that person with the information, prices, measurements, etc.; however, at the end of the day, he or she is going to buy whatever feels most comfortable for him or her. The most efficient method to shooting a pistol has a similar response. The operation of a handgun has some obvious and proven do's and dont's, such as: tea cup grip, slapping the trigger, and anticipating the recoil, to name a few. Now, where it gets complicated is when 7 different people, with varying backgrounds and levels of experience, want to tell you what they believe is the "correct" way to shoot. It is at the discretion of the individual to decide which social media specialist they're actually going to listen to. To refer back to my original analogy, you are going to end up doing whatever is most comfortable for you. 

When at the range, on social media, or just engaging in casual firearm-related conversation, I often encounter somebody wanting to give me advice. I am always looking for methods to become a more proficient shooter; with that said, if you have input, I am all ears. Now, depending on the person, I'm either vividly listening to your instruction, or I'm merely watching your fat, double chin gobble while your food trap opens and closes, all the meanwhile contemplating a swift throat punch. As I mentioned earlier, it is up to you, the shooter, to decide what content you will absorb, and to what content you will politely nod and smile.

One person I have a lot of time for is Jerry Miculek. For those of you who do not know of Jerry, he has been dubbed 'The Greatest Shooter of All Time', known for his incredible speed and accuracy, which has earned him over a dozen world records. One of his most admirable feats is emptying a five-shot revolver in .57 seconds with a shot grouping the size of a playing card. With that said, you would have to be an arrogant idiot not to listen to what he has to say. Rather than trying to convey his words of wisdom and probably screwing it up, I have attached his video below for your viewing pleasure.


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