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2807 Perkiomen Ave. Reading, PA 19606       1-888-613-3423
Retail Firearms Sales, Accessories, and Training
We Buy, Sell and Trade all types of Guns
    Sensibly Armed offers a wide variety of options for the firearms enthusiast, all at one location. Gun shop, Indoor range, and Training to meet everyones needs. Whether you've never had experience with a firearm, or you are very experienced with your firearm, but want to come to a higher understanding of advanced training and personal protection. We're only a phone call away, let us help you to be the best shooter and to be prepared to protect yourself in a violent confrontation.

Reality based senario training now available!!!!

     Just click the Training link to view an in depth description of all the different training that we offer.

  • NRA FIRST Steps Pistol
  • NRA FIRST Steps Rifle
  • Private Basic Handgun Class
  • Womens Only Classes
  • Pistol Skills Building
  • In The Home Personal Defense
  • Utah Concealed Carry Permit
  • Concealed Carry Level 1
  • Concealed Carry Level 2
  • Act 79 Certification
  • Private One-on-One at any skill level
  • Reality Based Training with Non-Lethal Ammunition
     If you are unsure of the type of training you would like to go through, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-613-3423 or send us an email at
Thur      12-8
Fri          12-8
Sat         10-5
Sun        10-5

 All firearms brought into the building must be completely unloaded and must be enclosed in a gun case, box, holster, ect. until on the firing line. (Exceptions: law enforcement and legal concealed carry permit holders are to keep their loaded firearm holstered until on the firing line.)
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