Sensibly Armed

  • Introduction to Defensive Shotgun

Introduction to Defensive Shotgun


2017 Dates to be announced



Aimed to increase your skills with the modern shotgun, this class will give you your first stress test to prepare you for a real-world fight. Covering a wide variety of topics such as; proper grip &stance, clearing malfunctions and engaging multiple targets to name a few. Given that this is an introductory class, the student is expected to display proficiency with general firearm safety & have a basic understanding of the operation of their shotgun.

Course Outline

  • Proper Grip & Stance
    • Ready
    • High Ready
    • Field Ready
  • A, B, & C Zones
  • Ammo Patterns (Spread)
    • Variety of ammunition types
    • Variety of distances
  • Malfunctions
    • 1, 2, & 3
  • Feed & Top Off
    • After the fight
  • Engaging with multiple targets
  • Slug select out to 50 yards

Course Requirements

  • Shotgun
    • Preferably with a side saddle
    • Sling (Single or Double)
  • 200 rounds of Birdshot
  • 80 rounds of Buckshot
  • 20 rounds of Slugs
  • Ammo carrying system
  • Eye & Ear protection
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