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  • Defensive Handgun Continued (Chapter Two) September 16th

Defensive Handgun Continued (Chapter Two) September 16th

This class picks up where we left off in our Defensive Handgun class. Taking the skill set you have already established and building on it, chapter two will push you to a higher level of expertise. With the addition of stress, we will take you to the failure point and then help you to work through to success. This class is much more fast-paced than chapter one and assumes that all participants are familiar with basic pistol operations. Due to the increased level of training, this class will demand extreme muzzle awareness and failure to adhere to this will result in the termination of your day on the range. 

Length:           4+ Hours
Location:        University Rifle Club
Prerequisite:   Defensive Handgun or equivalent
Brief Overview:
  • Short refresh of Chapter One
  • Shooting from non-conventional platforms
    • This means something different from just standing in the range and shooting
    • Some examples of this could include:
      • Sitting at a desk
      • Inside your vehicle
      • Inside of a movie theater
      • Laying on your back & more
  • Incorporate "Real-life scenarios"
    • You will discover what this means on the day of the class
  • Shooting with a secondary task at hand
    • You will also discover what this means on the day of the class



Handgun, Approximately 400 rounds of ammo, Weather appropriate clothing, Pants with belt, 3 Magazines, Holster, Eye and Hearing Protection, Double Pistol Mag Pouch

 University Rifle Club

550 Schoffers Rd 

Reading PA 19606

$ 225.00

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