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  • Defensive Handgun August 19th

Defensive Handgun August 19th

The Defensive Handgun class gives students the information, skills, and mindset to carry and use a handgun for self defense. In this class, students will learn to use their handgun safely and quickly, from a holster, as is required in close-range high-speed violent confrontations. This course should be considered a minimum for anyone who owns and/or is considering carrying a handgun for self defense. You must be totally familiar and comfortable with your handgun. If you have never shot before or wonder how your gun works, then this class is not for you.

Course Outline:

  • Dynamics coming from the holster
    • Open Carry & Concealed Carry
  • Varying Shooting Distances
    • 3 Yards
    • 5 Yards
    • 7 Yards
    • 15 Yards
  • Timed Pressure
  • Multiple Advisaries
  • Malfunctions
    • 1, 2 & 3

If time permits, shooting from cover and off hand shooting will also be covered.

Course Requirements:

  • Appropriate Eye & Ear Protection
  • Handgun
  • Three Magazines
  • Holster
  • Magazine Pouches
  • Ammo Requirement is a MINIMUM
    • 350 rounds

(Ammunition will be available for purchase through SA. If needed, please give at least 10 days notice prior to the day of the course.

Class will be held at University Rifle Club. 

550 Scoffers Rd, 

 Reading, PA 19606

$ 175.00

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