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  • AR-15 Basic Operators Course

AR-15 Basic Operators Course

  Over the years the AR-15 has become one of the most popular firearms platforms in the U.S.A. This class is designed to teach the students the knowledge, techniques and experience to efficiently operate there AR-15 platform rifle.

  We will be at University Rifle Club using their outdoor facility. We will start the morning off with a safety briefing. Then we will move into stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control. Later in the day we will cover shooting from different positions, maneuvering, carry techniques and shooting from cover and doing this all with different levels of speed and urgency.

  This class will be on October 21st at 8am at University Rifle Club and go into the mid to late afternoon depending on the amount of students. 

Items you will need to bring include:

  • Minimum of 300 rounds
  • Rifle 
  • Cleaning Gear 
  • Minimum of three magazines 
  • System of magazine pouches 
  • Sling 
  • Hearing and eye protection 
  • Extra batteries (If optics require)
  • Water source 
  • Lunch 

$ 200.00

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