Sensibly Armed

300AAC Blackout Billet Pistol by Sensibly Armed


300 AAC Blackout, created by Advanced Armament Corp. and Remington Arms®, is a reliable 30-caliber solution for the AR-15 platform that uses existing 5.56mm magazines for a full 30 round capacity.The highly-efficient cartridge can change between standard full power ammunition and quiet-when-suppressed subsonic loads without any adjustments needed to the firearm. 300 BLK has as much energy from a 9 inch barrel as 5.56mm does from a 14.5 inch barrel, all while having less flash, blast, and noise.

The Sensibly Armed Billet 300AAC Pistol/SBR comes with the following options;


Standard Platform

  • SA Billet Flat Top Left Side Reciprocating Charging Upper (7075 Aluminum w/ Type III Hard Anodized Black)
  • SA Billet Complete Lower with Custom machined Trigger Guard (7075 Aluminum w/ Type III Hard Anodized Black)
  • Sig Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace
  • Young Manufacturing Match Grade Carrier W/ Left Side Charging Handle (Chrome Only)
  • PDQ Bolt latch modified for left-side charging handle and right side operations
  • 8.5" Black Nitrided 4140 Heavy barrel threaded for 5/8-24 muzzle devices.
  • Standard Mil-spec recoil spring
  • CMMG lower parts kit 
  • Troy Alpha Rail
  • CMMG compensator

Upgrades available (all pistols are built to order and can be modified with about any option you would like, please call for upgrade details and prices)

Some examples of upgrades include:

  • Samson Evolution series Key-Mod Rail
  • Magpul MBUS/MBUS PRO Front & Rear sight
  • Midwest Industries, Inc. Flash Hider Impact Device
  • JP Enterprises silent captured recoil spring
  • Timney Trigger
  • KNS Precision, Inc pins
  • Sensibly Armed proprietary rail 
  • YHM Annihilator Flash hider

This design was developed by the owner of Sensibly Armed as a specific CQB (Home Defense) style firearm. The AR15 platform was originally designed as a full length rifle and later adopted into a pistol with no real modifications for the operator. The left side charging handle allows the operator to cycle the bolt without ever coming off target.  It also can be used as a forward assist, therefore eliminating the right side forward assist on the original rifle platform. 

These products are intended for lawful purposes only. It is the responsibility of manufacturers, dealers, and end users to fully understand and adhere to all Federal, State, and local laws when using these products, or any other firearms related product. Sensibly Armed  and its industry partners will not be held liable for any unlawful misuse and/or configuration of these products.

Must ship to an authorized FFL.

$ 1,699.00