Sensibly Armed

Custom Laser Engraving

Sensibly Armed offers a wide variety of laser engraving services, ranging from items that we have in stock and ready to ship, to creating a truly custom, one-off piece of art. We can reproduce your corporate logo, official seal, military insignia, or commemorative theme. Please keep in mind that what you’ll find online is only a small portion of our available services. 

In addition to standard laser etching, our machines are capable of much more. If you are currently looking into owning an NFA firearm, then you know of the requirements set forth by the ATF. One of those requirements is to have custom text engraved onto the receiver of your NFA item. We engrave all NFA Text (Name or Trust, City & State) to ATF Specifications (1/16" High, with a minimum depth of .003") on your SBS or SBR. Unless otherwise specified, all NFA engraving will be done in standard CAD lettering to ATF specifications. 

Do you run a business and are currently looking for someone to do your OEM markings? Laser engraving is a cost effective and time saving solution to traditional CNC engraving. Product identification such as a manufacturer's logo, model or serial number is an ideal way to increase your product's recognition as well as making it all the more professional.

If you are looking for something totally unique to you, send an email to:  or

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