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  • CPR & Tactical First Aid Class

CPR & Tactical First Aid Class

This class will be covering a lot of real world every day medical applications. This class is going to begin with covering CPR, and training you on life size dummies. Continuing through the class we will be going into the "Tactical Medical" portion of the class using a basic IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) covering how to handle different trauma including types of gun shot wounds. As the class concludes, you will receive an American Heart Association CPR certification, and a basic self contained IFAK including a tourniquet, gauze and other various items covered in the class.

Class is being taught by Luke Miller Advanced EMT

This class will be held at our facility on March 3rd from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

$ 95.00

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20$ for the first shooter, 10$ for the 2nd and 3rd shooter.